Month: January 2014

Signing Over Our Environment

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MiningTOR-page-0Finally, the environment seems to be rearing its head in the run up to the elections. Unfortunately, its for all the wrong reasons. Both our leading parties seem eager to appease private interests and assure them that environmental clearances will be given faster. It is alleged that Jayanthi Natrajan was ushered out of the Ministry for delaying things. Are these allegations true? Has there been a dramatic, unwarranted drop in environmental clearances in the past couple of years?

For today’s post I looked at Environmental Clearances and TORs granted by the Ministry of Environment in the past 4 years. Read the rest of this entry »


The Curious Case of AFSPA

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KashmirFinal-page-0Prashant Bhushan, Kashmir and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act have been all over the news in the past couple of days. Prashant Bhushan’s suggestion that internal deployment of armed forces should require the consent of the people, led to a maelstrom. Bhushan was wildly misquoted, his own party distanced itself from his remarks and the AAP office was vandalized by right-wing elements seeking to defend the honour of this great nation.

I decided to see what the fuss was all about.  Read the rest of this entry »