Why so criminal?

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Parliament - CriminalDespite all the fanfare about clean politics and anti-corruption, the 16th Lok Sabha looks like one of the most criminal that this country has elected. Every third MP in the current Parliament has a criminal case registered against them and 112 MPs have serious criminal cases registered against them. This raises problematic questions for the Indian democratic process. Should individuals accused of bribery and fraud be in charge of passing anti-corruption laws? Should individuals accused of rape be in charge of gender security bills?

In today’s post, I look at criminal behaviour in the 16th Lok Sabha. Graph 1 looks at % of each party’s MPs who have declared criminal cases against themselves. This is an intra-party comparison for all parties with 5 or more seats in the Lok Sabha. Graph 2 looks at party level data on the number of MPs who have cases related to murder, Graph 3 on robbery and Graph 4 on cases of communal disharmony. As always, click on the graphs to get an enlarged image. Thanks to the Association for Democratic Reforms for all their wonderful data.


Parliament - Criminal







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