The First 30 Days: A Twitter Flashback

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The first 30 daysRecently, Narendra Modi’s twitter account reached 5 million followers and he became the fourth-most followed political leader in the world. The PM has expressed his penchant for communication over Twitter and the party has encouraged BJP MPs to have a visible presence in social media.

It seemed only appropriate (and fun!) to take a look back at the first thirty days of the PM through Twitter. What does the PM talk to his Twitter followers about? I look at number of tweets by the PMO and an issue wise breakdown of the Tweets. The first few days of tweeting were dominated by thanks to various world leaders, supporters and the party. I removed gratitude tweets from the analysis as it didn’t really seem to add anything to the post. All data is from Twitter. I look at tweets between 17 May and 17 June.

The first 30 days



It is interesting to note that none of the stories that dominated the front pages have been tweeted about. There is no condemnation of Badaun and the horriffic gender security situation, no mention of the tussle with NGOs and the judiciary or the hike of rail prices. Perhaps it is the story untold that is more interesting…..

P.S: I collected this data manually and double-checked it. There is still room for some small errors, let me know if you find any.



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